Our Food

Cabo Bob knows where to find the best

The best places to camp, the best fishing, the best surfing and most importantly the best places to eat. With this idea as our guidepost we have dedicated ourselves to finding the highest quality ingredients to go into our burritos, tacos, salads, soups and bowls.

The Best Tortillas are fresh cooked to order tortillas! +

Our flour tortillas start with unbleached and untreated wheat flour and Rice Bran oil. We then mix in fresh ingredients to make our specially flavored tortillas. Our Buttermilk Flour Tortilla adds fresh buttermilk and spices – making a healthier, tastier twist on the old standard flour tortilla. Our Cilantro Tomatillo Flour Tortilla adds fresh cilantro, tomatillos and spices - Sorry. I don't have any cute marketing words for this one. You're just gonna have to trust me that it's really good. Our Ancho Chilli Flour Tortilla adds only adds only real ancho chillis that we've cooked into a suace that gives it its unique peppery flavor. Our Smokey Cheddar Flour Tortilla adds real smoked chedder cheese that we grate from block and mix into the tortilla along with our own, from scratch, BBQ sauce. Our Proprietary Recipe Flour Tortillas don’t arrive on a truck from a third party. Since we make our own tortillas, none of our of our Flour tortillas have any preservatives, artificial flavors or fake colors. The color of our tortillas comes from natural ingredients!

Gluten free Corn Tortillas and Chips. +

Just real corn without any gluten.

Big Green Eggs Cook the best Fajita Beef and Chicken! +

There is just nothing better than meat cooked on a Green Egg. We use Natural Oak Charcoal, which is only wood turned into charcoal, nothing else added.

The Best Beef is Angus Choice. +

Our Beef Fajita is a special cut from the Sirloin section of an Angus cow. Many restaurants use lesser cuts of meat that require long marinating just to be able to chew the meat. We only season our meat with Cabo Bob’s Dry Rub then grill it over Natural Oak Charcoal.

Our Slow Roasted Chopped Brisket starts with Angus Choice Beef then we add Cabo Bob’s Dry Rub and slow cook it.

All Natural Fresh Chicken is always the Best. +

Our Chicken Fajita is always fresh, never frozen white breast meat. We season the meat with our special spices and then grill it over Natural Oak Charcoal.

Organic Brown Jasmine Rice is the Best Rice you can put in a Burrito! +

Our most popular rice is our Organic Brown Jasmine Rice. It is grown in Texas on certified organic farms. We also have our Cilantro/Lime white rice for a more traditional flavor.

We offer 3 different Bean options. +

Our Black and Pinto beans are both great on their own but our most flavorful is the Baja Beans. Our Baja beans are made with Sauteed veggies and four unique types of Beans; Anasazi, Cargamanto, Navy and Black.

All of our salsas are made fresh everyday! +

Only fresh tomatoes, cilantro, poblanos, onions and spices.

Our Guacamole is made fresh everyday from Hass Avocados. +

Just Hass avocados, spices and lime juice. Simply Perfect.

Our Ancho Rancho is made from our own Ranch recipe! +

Most ” Ranch Packet” mixes use MSG and other preservatives. We never use any preservatives in any of our Recipes. Just Hellmans Mayo, Buttermilk, Ancho Chilli’s and spices.

Chipotle Crema is our special recipe made from scratch. +

This original recipe sauce is great on everything, once again without any preservatives, just quality ingredients… you’ll have to trust us on this one because it’s a secret recipe.

Hot Jalapeno Salsa +

Only Fresh Jalapenos, Rice Bran Oil and spices go into this Spicy Salsa.

Fresh Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese. +

We use Real Monterey Jack cheese because it tastes better. We don’t use pre-shredded cheese because we aren’t really sure what an “anti-caking agent” is. We shred our own several times a week, and you can taste the difference.

Romaine and Green Leaf Lettuce. +

These are the only types of lettuce you find at Cabo Bob’s, no iceberg lettuce here.

The Best Sodas on Earth are sweetened with Real Sugar. +

We use only Sodas from Dublin Bottling Company. They only use Imperial Pure Cane Sugar to sweeten their sodas. They Don’t use High Fructose corn syrup and neither do we.

Cabo Bob’s was the 1st HFCS Free Quick Serve Restaurant in the Country. +

High Fructose Corn Syrup is not allowed in the restaurant, period.

For Vegans/Vegetarians our 17 Veggie Burrito is the Bomb! +

Cilantro, Tomatillos, Baja Beans(Cargamanto Beans, Anasazi Beans, Navy Beans, Black beans, Onions , Celery), Organic Brown Jasmine Rice, Sauteed Poblanos, Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Zucchini, Sauteed Squash, Lettuce, Mango Pico (mangos,cucumbers, tomatos, poblanos, onions). There are actually more than 17 but we stopped counting there.

We only fry our fish in Rice Bran oil. +

We use farm raised Tilapia dipped in a light Bread Crumb wash then we use Rice Bran oil to fry it.

Our 66 Red Sauce and the XXtra Hot Sauce are made on site. +

We only use quality ingredients such as real Chipotle peppers and Fresh Roasted Habaneros in these special hot sauces.