What’s a burrito without some chips and queso/salsa/guac? Well, it’s still a fantastic burrito. It is strong and independent and needs nothing else… That said, if you were to get some chips and queso on the side, you might find they go remarkably well with that burrito. Just saying.

A basket of chips and guacamole.
A basket of chips and guacamole.

Chips & Queso

REG $3.99 / LG $6.99

Chips & Salsa

REG $1.99 / LG $3.99

Chips & Guacamole

REG $4.25 / LG $7.49

All three

Queso, guacamole, red salsa, and chips

REG $7.99 / LG $13.99

Just Chips


Add Guacamole


Add Queso


Extra Sour Cream


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