The Best Tortillas are fresh cooked to order tortillas. +

Our flour tortillas start with unbleached and untreated wheat flour and Rice Bran oil. We then mix in fresh ingredients to make our specially flavored tortillas. Our Buttermilk Flour Tortilla adds fresh buttermilk and spices – making a healthier, tastier twist on the old standard flour tortilla. Our Cilantro Tomatillo Flour Tortilla adds fresh cilantro, tomatillos and spices - Sorry. I don't have any cute marketing words for this one. You're just gonna have to trust me that it's really good. Our Ancho Chili Flour Tortilla adds only adds only real ancho chilis that we've cooked into a sauce that gives it its unique peppery flavor. Our Smoky Cheddar Flour Tortilla adds real smoked cheddar cheese that we grate from block and mix into the tortilla along with our own, from scratch, BBQ sauce. Our Proprietary Recipe Flour Tortillas don’t arrive on a truck from a third party. Since we make our own tortillas, none of our of our Flour tortillas have any preservatives, artificial flavors or fake colors. The color of our tortillas comes from natural ingredients!